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Are all jars freezer safe?

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Happen to notice a common feature among these jars? They all have straight sides. Jars that have shoulders, such as regular- and wide-mouth quarts, are not suitable for freezing liquids unless you fill them to no more than 1 inch BELOW the shoulders.

Are all glass jars freezer safe?

Can you freeze anything in mason jars? Yes, you can! Mason jars are great for space-saving storage in your freezer- absolutely perfect for soups, jams, sauces, stocks, and even leftovers! Here are 11 tips on how to freeze mason jars without breaking!

Why are Mason jars with shoulders not freezer safe?

It is important to only freeze in jars that do not have shoulders (jars that are straight sided or “tapered”) are the easiest because the contents can expand upward in the jar during freezing, especially if you're freezing liquids (jams, jelly, soup, broth, etc).

Are all jars freezer safe?

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