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What did the Portuguese develop a trade in?

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In the last decades of the seventeenth century, Portugal was able to develop numerous trades mostly centered in Brazil (although some of the Atlantic islands also participated), involving sugar, tobacco and tropical woods, all sent to the growing market for luxury goods in Europe, to which was added a growing and .

What did the Portuguese trade?

The main Portuguese goal was trade, not colonization or conquest. Soon its ships were bringing into the European market highly valued gold, ivory, pepper, cotton, sugar, and slaves. The slave trade, for example, was conducted by a few dozen merchants in Lisbon.

What was Portugal's main trade?

Exports The top exports of Portugal are Cars ($3.77B), Vehicle Parts ($2.96B), Refined Petroleum ($1.87B), Leather Footwear ($1.52B), and Packaged Medicaments ($1.13B), exporting mostly to Spain ($14.7B), France ($8.01B), Germany ($7.27B), United Kingdom ($3.53B), and United States ($3.31B).

How did the Portuguese influence trade?

In conclusion, the Portuguese transformed and influenced the maritime trade system in the Indian Ocean by force. They took over trading cities, destroyed Muslim trade ships, and imposed taxes to get their way. Now the Portuguese are dominant in the region and are very wealthy.

What did the Portuguese do to establish a trading empire?

The Portuguese empire in the East was guaranteed by the Treaty of Tordesillas, and Portugal established trading ports at far-flung locations like Goa, Malacca, the Maluku Islands, Macau, and Nagasaki.

What did the Portuguese develop a trade in?

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