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What is the role of John Mensah Sarbah?

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John Mensah Sarbah was dedicated to the promotion of secondary education and was responsible for various initiatives, including the founding of a Dutton scholarship at Queen's College, Taunton, in memory of his younger brother, Joseph Dutton Sarbah, who had died there in 1892.

What role did John Mensah Sarbah played in ARPS?

Particularly, John Mensah Sarbah, a key member of the Gold Coast ARPS and a lawyer, helped to advocate against the introduction of the Lands Bill of 1897 by arguing that it was no different from a previous, unsuccessful bill in 1894; that its introduction would break family and society ties, and that the land was ...

Who is Mr John Mensah Sarbah?

THE FE OF JOHN MENSAH SARBAH ah Sarbah (June 3 1864 November 27 1910), patriot and statesman was one of t e o o g at onal sts of the Gold Coast at the end of the 19th century and the beg nn ng o the 0 e a t ng ark on national life in politics, education, and law.

How did John Mensah Sarbah helped mfantsipim school?

He established the Fanti National Education Fund, which was aimed at improving education facilities in the country, and awarded scholarships to brilliant but needy students. Mensah Sarbah established a special fund at Mfantsipim, which helped to pay the salaries of staff when the school ran into financial difficulties.

Who was the first lawyer in Ghana?

John Mensah Sarbah was the first native of Ghana to be called to the bar by Lincoln's Inn in 1887. The legal system was based on that of England, in which solicitors provide legal advice and prepare legal documents while barristers act as advocates in court.

What is the role of John Mensah Sarbah?

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