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Who is most handsome in the world?

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10 Most Handsome Men In The World in 2022 Robert Pattinson. . Hrithik Roshan. . David Beckham. . Idris Elba. . Omar Borkan Al Gala. . Tom Cruise. . Chris Evans. . Noah Mills. Noah Mills is a Canadian model and actor.

Who is No 1 handsome man in the world?

1. Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattison is a well-known Hollywood actor who rose to prominence as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. With a 92.15 per cent perfect face structure, he is the most attractive man on the planet.

Who is the world Handsome man 2021?

BTS' Jungkook has officially been crowned as the 'Most Handsome Man in the World'On KingChoice, a music site known for its ranking polls, millions voted for 'The 100 Most Handsome Men in the World 2021. ' In the end, Jungkook snagged the top spot with over 2.4 million votes! for 2021.

Who is most handsome in the world?

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