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Who is the father of Ghanaian art music?

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Ephraim Kwaku Amu, who is really regarded as the father of Ghanaian art music, because he did a lot of experimentation, even how to notate African rhythm in his compositions. He composed more than 100 choral works. 1 авг. 2013 г.

How did art music came to Ghana?

As in Nigeria, the activities of British colonial administrators, missionaries and teachers helped to introduce and consolidate the practice and consumption of European liturgical Christian music as well as European classical music — the two musical genres — which provided the foundations for the emergence of modern ...

Who was the first musician in Ghana?

The most influential early burgher highlife musician was George Darko, whose "Akoo Te Brofo" coined the term and is considered the beginning of the genre.

What is Ghanaian art music?

Art or classical music in Ghana can be categorized into two main divisions: choral, the more popular form; and orchestral. The relatively higher popularity of choral art music in Ghana is widely attributed to the introduction of western hymnody by Christian missions in the 19th century and beyond.

Who introduced Ghana music?

The constant influx of Europeans since the 15th century introduced the indigenous population to hymns, shanties, and marches, and as the Ashanti people organized and attempted the uprising which resulted in the War of the Golden Stool, a musical tradition was born, and the seeds of Ghana's identity were sown.

Who is the father of Ghanaian art music?

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