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Who started the EAA?

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Пол Ховард Поберезный был американским летчиком, предпринимателем и авиаконструктором. В 1953 году он основал Ассоциацию экспериментальных самолетов и провел большую часть своей жизни, продвигая самодельные самолеты. Википедия (Английский язык)

When was EAA started?

EAA was founded in 1953 by Paul H. Poberezny who served as the organization's president from 1953 to 1989 and then as chairman of the board until 2009. It has grown from a handful of aviation enthusiasts to an international organization representing virtually the entire spectrum of recreational aviation.

Where did the EAA start?

EAA was founded in Hales Corners, Wisconsin in 1953 by Paul Poberezny, who originally started the organization in the basement of his home for builders and restorers of recreational aircraft.

Who owns the EAA?

AbbreviationEAAHeadquartersOshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.Area servedWorldwideMembership (2017)200,000+Key peopleJack Pelton (CEO and chairman) Tom Poberezny (chairman emeritus) Sean Tucker & Jimmy Graham (Young Eagles co-chairmen) Brian Wierzbinski (executive vice president and CFO)

Who is president of EAA?

Jack Pelton was named as EAA's Chief Executive Officer in November 2015, formally adding those responsibilities to the Chairman of the Board role to which he was first elected in October 2012. Pelton is the first elected Chairman from outside EAA's founding Poberezny family in EAA's history.

Who started the EAA?

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