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Why do some chickens lay bigger eggs than others?

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Skeletal size has some impact on egg size. Hens with bigger and longer bones tend to become bigger hens and lay bigger eggs. The protein level in the ration fed before 10 weeks of age is the main factor influencing skeletal size of any particular breed of hen.

What determines egg size?

Contrary to popular belief, egg size is determined by weight, not by volume. For this reason, it's not uncommon to see some visual variation in the physical size of eggs from time to time, even within the same carton.

Do different chickens lay different size eggs?

Chickens lay different-sized eggs for a variety of reasons, like breed, diet, or light exposure, but the primary factor is age. ... The USDA classifies egg size by the total weight of a dozen eggs, which is why some eggs in the carton may look slightly larger or smaller than the rest.

Which chicken breed lays the largest eggs?

List of Top 10 Chicken Breeds That Lay Large Eggs1Minorca. The Minorca is the largest of the Mediterranean breeds of chicken. ... 2Leghorn. ... 3Lohmann Brown. ... 4Production Red Chickens is Bred to be a Chicken Breeds That Lay Large Eggs. ... 5Welsummer. ... 6Barnevelder. ... 7Delaware. ... 8Buff Orpington.Top 10 Chicken Breeds That Lay The Largest Eggs -

Why do some chickens lay bigger eggs than others?

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How do they determine egg size?

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